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Unrelated: Who are these Idiots?

February 25, 2010

Admittedly this doesn’t have anything to do with the main purpose of this blog, hence “unrelated,” but I felt like posting it anyway.

Via CNN:

“Folklore says that George Washington was known for never telling a lie.  But as the United States marks its first president’s birthday, a new poll indicates that 74 percent of the public thinks the father of our country did lie to the public while he served as president…”

CNN Polling Director Keating Holland explains the results:

“Part of it may be the recognition that, however much we revere them today, both men were politicians, and Americans are always a little cynical about people seeking office.”

Cynical?!?!…Almost 1 out of 4 (22%) Americans believes that a POLITICIAN, no matter how honorable he may have been (don’t get me wrong…I like George Washington), went 8 years without lying to the public?  If these results are true, and they probably are, then the American people aren’t cynical…they’re naïve.  Think about it…have you ever gone even 1 year without lying to anyone?  I don’t consider myself a particularly dishonest person, but I know I haven’t.  I don’t even think I’ve gone a full year without telling at least one little untruth to at least one of the people that I really care about.  The remaining respondents had “no opinion.”  Exactly WHO are these morons that comprise the 26% of Americans who believe that a POLITICIAN went 8 years without lying to at least some of his constituents?  If I had to hazard a guess, I would say that a non-trivial amount are Hannity-listeners.  America…as the geographic landmass that falls within the boundaries of an arbitrary set of map-points, and the people that reside within (with no genetic basis), and a series of political beliefs – only occasionally enforced when they happen to coincide with the interests of our ruling class…are great…so anybody prominently associated with that abstract “country” is great.  And great means perfect…never wrong…UNABLE to “tell a lie.”   Good is flawless, bad is pure unadulterated evil without a single redeeming quality.  This is the way a child looks at the world.  Regardless of whether or not you support the abstract entity recognized as “America” today, our government does things wrong all the time…it always has, like every other government…it always will.  I’m sure this 26% is mostly white and “patriotic.”  They probably just aren’t able to accept for themselves the fact that the U.S. government, and almost all American institutions, do not exist for their well being, and in fact, actively oppose them and seek to displace them.  There is no shame in paying your taxes because you don’t want to go to jail.  There is nothing wrong with being tricked into fighting a war that is of no benefit to you.  There isn’t even anything wrong with doing a cost-benefit analysis and coming to the conclusion that American institutions today, for all their faults, benefit you more individually than they harm you.  Fear, being deceived, and making trade-offs are life occurrences that most experience.  But how do you get to the point where you convince yourself that a man went 8 years without lying to at least one of several million people.  Pride in the institutions of the government that rules you, no matter how flawed, is one thing…but this is just unhealthy.  Taking pride in the quality of the involuntary service that you provide is the mark of a true slave.  Attributing implausible virtues to the former leader of an organization that seeks to displace you isn’t far off.