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Those Crazy Black Farmers in their Flying Diversity Machines!

February 27, 2010

The Council of Conservative Citizens takes on what is now being known as “Pigford II,” the second lawsuit by black farmers (the ones who were too lazy to file for the first giveaway) against the U.S. Government for “discrimination,” which the Obama administration has agreed to “settle” for $1.25 billion.

Here’s my take:

Basically, these lawsuits are reparations by another name, and they will become more frequent in the future.  Obama and his allies want to give free money to blacks (reparations), but the public, and probably even Congress, would never go for it.  So the trick is to have minorities sue in large numbers in some class action lawsuit for “discrimination,” and then the government, rather than making them go to trial and prove it, just agrees to “settle,” and pay out some huge sum to just about anybody that fills out some paper work.

I wrote:

” “but tens of thousands of claims were denied for missing the filing deadline.”  Another way of wording this would be “but tens of thousands of black farmers failed to file before the deadline.”  Tens of thousands?!?!  How many black farmers are there?!?! ”

Looks like I got an answer.  From CofCC:

To highlight what a total scam this is. The US Census puts the number of black farmers at 18,500. During the first black farmer bailout, 100,000 blacks filed claims. Over five times the total number of black farmers. Yet the Clinton controlled justice department dished out over a billion. This “Harvest of Lies” is nothing less than taking from the white man to give to the black man.”

…And here I thought all that greenery growing in the abandoned row houses of West Baltimore was just weeds, instead of crops.

This is only the beginning.  In the near future, expect a black janitors’ lawsuit, a black pipefitters’ lawsuit, and a black barrista lawsuit, from the blacks who make coffee in government facilities.   I’m sure they’ll all have some outlandish tales…”the U.S. government ordered dairy creamer with a Confederate flag on the carton and made me make coffee with it.”  Hey…it’s not like they’ll have to prove it or anything!

The quotations around “Harvest of Lies,” refer to the title of this book on the original black farmers’ lawsuit.  Sounds like it might be worth reading.