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Ricci Redux?

February 23, 2010

Steve Sailer (no surprise there) writing at (again, not surprising) is all over another entrance exam for firefighters challenged as being “discriminatory.”  This one is in Chicago.  Apparently Chicago gave an entrance exam for prospective firefighters. 

“Anyone who scored 64 or below was deemed not qualified. But the city set a second cutoff score of 89 points. Officials told applicants who scored below 89 but above 64 that although they passed the test, they likely would not be hired because of the large number of people who scored 89 or above. The majority of those in the top-scoring group were white; only 11 percent were black.”

Well, blacks do appear to make up about 34% of Chicago residents, but what was their proportion of the test-takers…you know…the percentage that would actually show how different the actual results were from the results that would be expected assuming no group differences in ability. 

The Supreme Court isn’t determining whether or not illegal discrimination actually took place, but whether or not the black applicants can still sue.  Apparently under law, “people are supposed to sue within 300 days after an employment action they seek to challenge.”  However, “the first lawsuit in the case was filed on March 31, 1997, 430 days after the city announced the results.”

Every possible effort is made to hand the world to blacks on a silver platter.  All they have to do is just show up to the hand-out line within 300! days, and they still can’t even manage that.  Again, the Richard Hoste joke…nay…soon to be proven prophecy…that pretty soon we’re going to have to start “paying state workers to put dollar bills under the pillows of blacks while they’re sleeping.”

The black applicants’ argument seems to be that every time a white firefighter was hired instead of a black, between 1996 and 2001, “a new act of discrimination” occurred, and the 300 day limitation started over again.  The article states that “the court is expected to make a decision before fall.”  It sounds like they’re going to fold.  The article also stated that “the Supreme Court on Monday seemed willing to let a group of African Americans sue Chicago.”

No surprise here, but Sonia Sotomayor and Ruth Bader Ginsburg are both quoted as favoring the black applicants.  The AP article also had this little passage:

“Deputy Solicitor General Neal Katyal argued that if the court allows the city of Chicago to hire using its flawed method, that will tell employers they can get away with a discriminatory test if they manage to avoid a lawsuit within the 300-day limit .”

I’ll give them credit, the Obama Administration sure is active in supporting quotas.  Do you really think a McCain administration would have been as active…or active in any way…in opposing them?  I checked on Neal Katyal.  Apparently this guy is a young minority legal “wunderkid,” “who successfully [defended] Salim Hamdan, Osama bin Laden’s chaffeur, before the U.S. Supreme Court in 2006.”  He was also a Georgetown Law professor at age 27.  So basically, this guy could punch his own ticket anywhere in the legal profession, and probably make millions of dollars.  Why take a second-string civil service position?  Probably for the ability to work on anti-white cases like this.  Call it a labor of love.  According to the Department of Justice’s website, “the Office of the Solicitor General is tasked to conduct all litigation on behalf of the United States in the Supreme Court, and to supervise the handling of litigation in the federal appellate courts.”  So why was the Solicitor General’s office getting involved in this anyway?…The U.S. Government wasn’t being sued?  Probably because the Solicitor General is Elena Kagan.  Again, former Dean of Harvard Law, tons of accolades, she could definitely do better than this position in terms of wealth, glory, or prestige.  Why take it if not to harm whites?

Sailer asks:

“Will anybody nationally come to the defense of the Chicago firemen most qualified to save lives?”

Yeah…I’m sure National Review’s working on a cover story for this right now!  Actually, I don’t know…this Katyal guy defended Bin Laden’s driver…and “terrorism” seems to be the sole concern of the modern “conservative” movement…maybe we could use that.  You really think help is on the way?

Sotomayor, Bader Ginsburg, Katyal, Kagan…the best legal minds of the non-White-gentile world take pay cuts to advance their hatred of us.  The best and the brightest of the White-gentile legal world stay awake at night dreaming up legal justifications for torturing Israel’s enemies.  Yep…”the future’s so bright I gotta wear shades.” (Timbuk3)