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A Tale of Two Death Threats/Liars with Low IQ’s

February 26, 2010

By now, I think everyone knows of the ordeal that American Renaissance, a leading publication of race realism, faced while trying to hold their annual conference this year.

Long story short, they made reservations with about 4 different hotels, all of which were subsequently cancelled after each hotel received threats of violence and death.  Local law enforcement in the D.C. metropolitan area, if they even investigated these incidents, didn’t seem to take the matter too seriously.

I wonder what would have happened if these threats had been made against minorities, instead of the much-loathed whites of AmRen.

Fortunately I don’t have to speculate.  Last month a threat was made against black students at Hocking College in Ohio.  Let’s see how it was handled by school and local law enforcement officials.

From an Associated Press article at

“An attacker could find many places to hide at Hocking College, a campus carved into a forest in the Appalachian foothills. And with the threat of a mass killing looming over black students at the community college, Allen Edwards is steering clear of the trees.”

Not just any foothills, Appalachian foothills…you know what kind of people we’re talking about.  I think I stopped fearing trees and forests when I was around the age of 7.

“ “I don’t feel too safe walking by the woods,” said Edwards, a 19-year-old black student from Canton. “There’s woods everywhere. And somebody could be out in them, and I don’t know.””

Somebody could also be hiding under your bed Allen…like the boogeyman.

“The FBI is investigating a threat scrawled last week on a bathroom wall warning that black students would be killed Feb. 2. It bore the trademarks of just another casual — though chilling — threat of violence on a college campus, but students here aren’t taking any chances.”

The FBI?  Glad to know we called in the big guns for a case of bathroom graffiti.  I wonder if their Sex Crimes Unit will investigate the “For a good time, call 123-456-7890” message scribbled on the door of the next stall.  If the FBI has the resources available to investigate something this minor, in the face of our trillion dollar deficits, then I think I found a place for some budget cuts.

“At least two black students have withdrawn permanently from school out of fear for their safety, and another dozen have moved out of the dorm where the threat was found”

Really?!?!  Maybe I should drop a Pat Buchanan book in the common area and just clear out the whole building?  If blacks are supposed to fear for their lives from graffiti, then apparently the residents of West Baltimore, East St. Louis, Detroit, etc. never got the memo. 

“The college has provided temporary housing for students who are too scared to stay in Hocking Heights, the dorm where the threats were found. And for those wary of venturing outside until after Feb. 2, teachers are making allowances for missed classwork.”

I don’t even know what to say about that.

“Since the first threat was discovered Friday, the school has installed more security cameras in dorms and beefed up foot patrols. A $5,000 reward is being offered, and extra counselors are on hand…short of stationing police officers in the woods — which Hocking lacks the manpower to do — officials there say vigilance remains the best defense.”

“Short of stationing police officers in the woods”…they seriously considered that?!?!  Security cameras, increased patrols, a $5,000 reward…short of trip wires, continuous Predator drone overflights, and having Force Reconnaissance teams set up ambushes in the woods, what else could they do?

At least the AP has the journalistic integrity to mention the history of fake racial threats at American colleges:

“It’s not the first time racial threats — usually found to be hollow — have interrupted life at a college. Officials at St. Xavier University in Chicago shut down the campus in 2008 when threatening messages were found scrawled in the bathroom of a freshman dorm, and in 2006 a black woman pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct after threatening letters to minorities at her former college led officials to move dozens of students for a night.”

The article also features this little gem…Hocking College quota-fill Amelinda Marengo detailing the horrors of “hate” that she’s experienced at this small school.

“Marengo, who is half Puerto Rican, said she and her black roommate endured racist taunts in the cafeteria on several occasions last year. Her roommate declined to be interviewed.

“We’d be sitting at a lunch table and some guys would be sitting across the room, and they’d be screaming, like, ‘n—– lover’ across the table,” Marengo said. “I had enough of it one day and I got up and I just started yelling at them and telling them, like, ‘There is no reason for you to treat someone like that.'””

Does this sound even remotely plausible?!?!  This incident really occurred…at a modern American University…in this day and age?  I don’t know, maybe it did…but I’ll wait for the proof.  Wonder why the roommate didn’t want to be interviewed about the incident?  But wait…she’s not done…

“About a year ago, Marengo said, a male friend led her into the second-floor men’s bathroom and showed her racist comments on the wall, including a drawing of what she called a “hangman.””

In what context did this incident occur?  What, her and this friend were just sitting around discussing “white male privilege,” and he said “oh, speaking of which, let me show you these racist comments and drawing of a hangman in the men’s bathroom.”?

Getting off topic, I’m reminded of an incident that occurred at a place where I used to work.  The workforce consisted primarily of whites, of both genders, and black women.  For some reason, hardly any black men worked there.  Anyway, one day we had small group meetings discussing diversity (What else?), and the manager leading the discussion asked if anyone had experienced racism in the workplace.  Only one person, a black woman, raised her hand.  When asked by the manager to describe the incident, she explained that a customer had called her by a racial slur over the phone.   The manager then asked her if that was the only incident she had experienced, and she replied that it was.  Then, when the group was asked again to raise their hands if they had experienced racism, a different black woman put hers up.  She told a tale of woe and sorrow about how she was speaking to a white customer, who thought she was white also, on the phone, and he began complaining about black people to her in a very descriptive manner, filled with all kinds of non-politically correct terms for “African-American.”  The manager then asked again if anyone else had experienced a racist incident.  Amazingly, about 8 out of the 10 black women present raised their hands, and absolutely every one of them described a similar incident, where they were mistaken for being a white woman, and a white customer on the phone began describing black people in an unpleasant manner on the phone to them.  This includes the original black hand-raiser who, 5 minutes ago, said that her first described experience was her only one!  I sound unmistakably white (I even have a bit of a drawl sometimes), and out of literally thousands of phone calls from customers, absolutely none began having racial discussions with me.  Most of these black women sounded like…well…black women.  Who calls a company to discuss business and just effortlessly transitions to complaining about minorities?!?!

My own little personal observation about people with low-IQ’s and lying is that when they lie, they tend to:

1)      Lie poorly (Claim events took place that are either easily disprovable, highly implausible, or are clearly in conflict with known facts and details) and,

2)      Lie fantastically (“Remember” minute details of an event that the average person, in a similar situation, would not recall, “Remember” details of events that are so outside of the norm of the events, sensory details, and human behavior experienced by the average person, so as to be immediately conspicuous to the average person).

Think Tawana Brawley, Crystal Gail Mangum, and this one.  Tawana Brawley wasn’t just raped…she was raped by badge-carrying police officers who covered her in dog feces.

If I had been a juror at Harrison Ford’s trial in The Fugitive, I probably would have voted “not guilty.”  A one-armed man?   A doctor can’t be stupid enough to make something like that up.   If I had been a juror at the trial of an inner-city man accused of murder, who gave the same alibi, I probably would have voted “guilty.”  Of course his one-armed man would have had a hook on the end of the prosthetic limb and been 7’2” tall, 230 lbs. of solid muscle, with gold-plated cowboy boots, a belt-fed machine gun, and KKK tattooed on his forehead. 

I bet if you asked 100 doctors, who had murdered their wives and were trying to get away with it, what had happened, probably 99 would either say that she was dead when they got home, or claim to have seen a murderer fleeing after the fact, but not with enough detail to be able to identify him.  If you asked 100 housing project residents… Well…probably 99 would have seen the murder committed, and could list every detail about the murderer (all of them out of the ordinary) down to the brand and size of his shoes…$300 designer leather wingtips in size 17 wide of course.  Most of the details would change every time the story was told…but they would always be jaw-dropping and would usually involve some act of overt racism.

It just goes to show you how pervasive political correctness is in America these days, and how thoroughly the good/perfect/without fault – bad/evil/without redemption dichotomy has infested the thinking of even above-average IQ whites like lawyers, school administrators, and police supervisors.  If a white woman had come to police with the same story as Tawana Brawley, they would have dismissed it immediately.  Likewise, if she had accused black men, instead of white men, of the same offenses, again, police would have dismissed it immediately as ludicrous.  But black is good/perfect, and we all know that whites are evil/capable of anything, so who knows…it’s just crazy enough to be true.

Anyway, back to the two different threats.  Granted, they occurred in different jurisdictions, but it sure sounds like a case of the police offering “disparate” protection to citizens, on racial grounds, to me.  The 14th Amendment guarantees “the equal protection of the laws” by the states.  If white students at Hocking College ever get threatened in the future, and Hocking College doesn’t call out its version of the SWAT team, then I think they should sue.  I don’t know if they would have a case.  Any lawyers out there, please feel free to contact me and let me know.