An Introduction

The recent Ricci decision has brought racial quotas back into the debate.  While the outcome may represent a victory (albeit a small one in practice), which has been lauded beyond its true significance by “establishment” conservatives and “mainstream” quota-opponents, it does nothing to change the overall trend of our society.  That, the first premise of this blog, is as follows:  We are rapidly moving towards an age when all decisions concerning individuals, will be based one way or another, on their membership in certain demographic sub-groups, with the end result being that members of preferred sub-groups will always be at least proportionally represented (at least equal to their share of the population), when it comes to achieving any desired outcome.  Since probably no sub-group has within itself the natural abilities for its members to achieve every desired outcome proportionally, these results will come at the expense of more deserving individuals from less-favored sub-groups.  In short, we are becoming a quota-nation…every hiring, firing, admissions, and pay decision is heading towards being based solely on an individual’s race, sex, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, etc.  Some groups will be favored over all others…some groups will be favored over some and favored less than others…some groups will be favored over no one.  Many will feel injustice.  White male conservative heterosexual Christians without disabilities will feel it the most.  The second premise of this blog is as follows:  That American institutions, as long as they continue to exist in any form remotely resembling that of today, will continue to operate this way indefinitely.  It’s possible to slow the pace of the slide towards complete quota-ism.  It’s possible to achieve some small individual victories here and there.  It may even be possible, in the immediate near-term, to make some progress in the other direction.  But the longer-term trends are baked in the cake.  The minority population is too high.  The remnants of America’s traditional individualistic culture are too weak.  The elite of our society is too hostile to the historic population and has too much power with which to act on that hostility.  The frequency of group-based, in particular race-based, outcomes in American institutions will not lessen in your lifetime.  Things will not get better in your children’s lifetime either.  This blog will track the decline into quota-totalitarianism.  It will also examine ways that individuals themselves might be some of the lucky few that escape the hard bigotry of proportional representation.  But make no mistake about it, the only way to avoid the effects of the broader trend is to abandon American institutions entirely.

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