Exporting Democracy + Importing Diversity = Tyranny

Over at The Occidental Observer Blog, Christopher Donovan covers this Military.com article:

DoD Tightens Hate Group Restrictions

Here’s Donovan’s take:

“It’s one thing to realize that universities, the media and the government are largely controlled by those hostile to Whites.  But it’s quite another to realize that even whites’ traditionally core institutions — like the military — have been infiltrated by the same people.  Now comes word that the military is ready to sniff out “white supremacists” — not by tattoo, group affiliation or vocal pronunciations around the barracks, but by nothing more than Internet advocacy.”

Supporters of “hate crimes” laws always like to argue that they’re not criminalizing thought or speech, they’re just enhancing the penalty for certain motivations behind actual criminal acts, kind of like how a premeditated murder is usually punished more harshly than a murder committed in the “heat of passion.”  This is from the Military.com article:

“Thinking of writing a few choice words in an online “white power” chat room? Think again.”…

“A new Defense Department directive on dissident and political activity issued on Nov. 27 — the first since 1996 — says servicemembers “must not actively advocate supremacist doctrine, ideology, or causes.” This includes writing blogs or posting on Web sites.”

So…basically you don’t even have to commit an actual crime in order to be punished by the military justice system, you just have to write non-politically-correct “blogs or postings on Web sites.”…Sounds a lot like criminalizing speech to me.  I’m sure some prominent “civil liberties” organization and its Jewish backers already have a lawsuit in the works. 

Donovan writes:

“ Right there, of course, you’ve got a big problem, and if these men weren’t advancing Israel’s cause, they’d be held in far lower esteem by the Jewish power structure — and during the Vietnam war, they were.  You’d think that if there were a clean-cut, hate-filled White man looking to kill non-Whites, the military would be the perfect place for him.  Seems a military made up of wishy-washy liberals wouldn’t be very effective — they’d throw down their weapons and surrender.)”

Donovan is right of course.  It’s like I wrote earlier:

“Apparently the philo-semite approach to dealing with a hostile Jewish elite, “trying to convince the organized Jewish community that their interests will be better served by an America not entirely void of White [male] influence”…” ‘A White-led U.S. military would do a better job of crushing Israel’s enemies than one led by quota-hires’…”…is no longer even an option.  I guess our elites have decided to make up on quanitity what we lack in quality.  “So what if (now General) Fiorina failed to save (Pat Buchanan’s proverbial) McAllister?”  “Plenty of Scots-Irish kids in Tennessee to take his place.” “

I love how the neocons claim that American troops are fighting in the Middle East for “democracy” and “freedom.”  Ha!…they’ll end up in the brig if they blog that they think Africans have a lower average IQ than Europeans… even if it is backed up by scientific data.  I wonder what would happen if some poor member of the IDF’s Foreign Legion (a.k.a. the U.S. military) got caught with a copy of The Israel Lobby.  He’d probably get “Slovik’d”.  Maybe Hannity would hold a “freedom concert” in his honor.  For some reason I doubt that.  I wonder if comments like this one, recounted by Philip Giraldi, made by the horrible Dr. Lani Kass, will be considered “hate speech” under the new regulations:

“In her speech she explained that Muslims hate western culture and want to dominate the world, adding that because radical Islam has a “culture of death” all those who do not submit to Islam must die, an assertion so absurd that one suspects her political analysis derives from the Free Republic website.”

Probably not…she’s a member of America’s ethnic ruling caste after all.  Besides, she doesn’t actually wear a uniform, so she’s not subject to the military justice system.  Well…she used to wear a uniform…an Israeli one of course.  Filthy goyim bastards and their evil implied accusations of dual-loyalty


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