“Conservatives” will be okay with “zero tolerance” this time around.

A favorite pastime of the Fox News/beltway conservative crowd is bashing the “zero tolerance” policies regarding “violence” at schools.  Examples of boyscouts being suspended for bringing dangerous safety-pins to school are held up for ridicule…and rightly so.  But a new “zero-tolerance” wind is blowing in from the east (Washington D.C. or Africa…take your pick), and this one will apply only to white students.

From the Wall Street Journal, by way of The Council of Conservative Citizens:

“The Obama administration plans to crack down on civil-rights infractions in school districts and university systems, including alleged disparities in the disciplining of white and black students.

The campaign will essentially put an enforcement stick behind the carrot of the administration’s $4.35 billion Race to the Top program, which holds out the promise of extra federal funding if states revamp their education policies. While Race to the Top will reward school reforms, the civil-rights push will emphasize the potential to punish offending schools.

States found to be violating laws designed to assure equal treatment in education could, in extreme cases, face litigation or a withholding of federal school funding, U.S. education officials said. They portrayed the move as an effort to make up for years of lax enforcement under the previous administration.”

Noting that “currently blacks students on average are three times more likely to be suspended,” the CofCC sums it up nicely:

School administrators are already in fear of punishing black students, and it is getting worse every day. Yet Obama wants to make it worse. Obama’s program calls for punishments and litigation against schools who don’t improve the imbalance in suspension rates between the races. This means that schools will have to suspend whites for doing something a third less severe than what a black student is currently suspended for, or black students will have to be suspended only when they do something three times more severe than what they are currently being suspended for!”

They are absolutely right.  Blacks are suspended from school at a higher rate than whites because they misbehave at a higher rate than whites.  This…what’s the juvenile delinquent equivalent of the dreaded “achievement gap?”…”punishment gap” can only be closed in one of two ways:

1.  Punishing white students for trivial/minor offenses for which minorities get a pass.

2.  Allowing black students to get away with serious/major offenses for which white students would be punished.

In reality, a combination of both will happen.  Either way, it’s a two-tiered disciplinary system for white students.  Black students will do bad things, like steal from other students’ lockers.  Then, when they aren’t punished for it, because the black suspension quota for the semester has already been filled, they will be encouraged, and will steal even more.  When the school administrators finally have enough, and suspend the multiple offender, they’ll need to suspend a couple of white kids also…lest the ratio get too imbalanced.  As all white offenders have already been suspended…any two will have to do!  So that means that the next kid who shows up to class 5 minutes late, or talks in class, is going to have the hammer dropped on him

My question is this…when the day comes that a white kid gets expelled for chewing gum…will Hannity et al. highlight his plight, and point out how ridiculous and unjust the punishment was? Of course not…because it was done in the name of fighting racial injustice, and if Hannity and friends cannot bring themselves to admit that there are racial differences in behavior, then the only explanation for racial differences in punishment would be…white racism.  Hannity will probably end up calling the kid a terrorist…and recommend that we “rendition” this little bastard to Guantanamo Bay for some water-boarding.  Just tell the Wall Street Journal that he was an anti-semite…that should placate their sense of justice.

How does the Disparate Planet plan for dealing with a hostile elite fit in here?:

“Divorce yourself as much as possible from American institutions, which actively seek to displace you, so that you no longer have an interest in whether or not they collapse.”

Simple…If you can afford to, homeschool your kids!


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