Wonder if they’ll be charged with “hate crimes?”

Two more incidents of blacks attacking whites, and boldly proclaiming the racial motivation behind the attacks:

First, from Cincinnati, via Nation of Cowards:

“Black, dubbed the Lytle Park rapist because one of his victims was raped at 9 a.m. in the Downtown public park, became a poster child for those calling for a new jail. Before the May 4 incident was reported, Black had been arrested five times in the previous six months but released each time because there was no room in the jail for him.”

“Black had been arrested five times in the previous six months but released each time because there was no room in the jail for him.”…Detroit, Cincinnati, Zimbabwe…Black Rule leads to the same result no matter where it occurs…failure.

“She was a student at a West End school when she went Feb. 18, 2009, to Over-the-Rhine to buy marijuana. She met Black, 21, who asked to borrow her cell phone so he could make the deal. He took her inside an Over-the-Rhine, building and to the third-floor landing. When they stopped climbing stairs, the girl was trapped and knew she was in trouble.

Nobody cares about a white b—- in Over-the-Rhine,” Black told her, court documents note.”

Will he be charged with a hate crime?  I couldn’t find an answer one way or another (let me know if you find out)…but I wouldn’t hold my breath.

The second story comes from Dallas, via American Renaissance:

AmRen has an interesting notation:

[The above story is a copy cached by Yahoo! The current version of the story differs in many respects from this cached version; in particular, the passage in boldface has been excised. The current version of the story can be read here.]”

I couldn’t get the link to work.  Another great example of media objectivity if you ask me!  The passage referred to is this:

When Pfeifle, the prosecutor, asked if Lacey showed any remorse, LaShaunda Johnson replied: “He said if it made me feel better, I could just think she was prejudiced.” She testified that according to her boyfriend, Reiter probably didn’t like black people, “and her family probably owned slaves.””

This is the murderer discussing his killing of the victim.  The motivation sounds pretty clear to me.  Again, I was unable to find out whether or not he was charged with a “hate crime,” but I highly doubt it.

These are just two of many examples of the two-tiered legal system that whites face in the form of “hate crimes” laws.  If a white person commits an offense against a minority, “hate” is automatically presumed to be the motivation.  If a minority commits an offense against a white, and explicitly states the racial motivation behind the crime, then…well…all of a suddent “hate crimes” laws aren’t such a vital law enforcement tool.  I would be interested to know if any whites in these two jurisdictions have been charged with “hate crimes.”  If they have, especially with less evidence as to motivation, it would appear to be selective enforcement of these laws.  I’ve already documented two examples where whites were charged with “hate crimes,” and later on, in the same exact jurisdiction, minorities committed crimes against whites, with explicit racial motivation, without resulting “hate crimes” charges.  If there are any attorneys out there who might know the legal requirements for appealing a case based on “selective enforcement”, please contact me and let me know.  Also, if you have any other examples where, in the same jurisdiction, whites who committed crimes against minorities were charged with “hate crimes,” and minorities who committed crimes against whites, with explicit racial motivation, were not, please let me know.

So far, the Disparate Planet First Law of Interracial Crime has yet to be disproven:

“Any crime committed by whites against a minority will result in additional charges/prison time.  Any crime committed against whites by minorities will be met with the bare minimum of charges/prison time…if that.”

Another tradition that whites will have to get over very soon is their deification of law enforcement.  The criminal justice system has ceased to function in support of the interests of white communities, and is now essentially the enforcement arm of our hostile elite, or white Peter Brimelow referred to as our “minority occupation government.”  Whites for some reason still think that the criminal justice system really wants to protect them from dangerous minorities.  Just remember…when their superiors tell them to stop focusing on trivial offenses such as assault and murder, and instead focus on real crimes, such as a harmless sign in some white guy’s front yard…they’ll say “yes sir” and drag him off to jail without a second thought.

You really should click  the link about the yard sign.  It includes this priceless gem:

““I’m telling you this is what I was, was ready to go to jail today and take that noose down,” said community activist Queen Sister, with It Takes a Village.”

If we were playing “Guess My Occupation,” and you gave me the name “Queen Sister,” my first two choices would be either “community activist” or “unemployed”…looks like I was right!


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