Missouri Penal Code – Section 27g: Bias-Motivated-Felony-Crime-Reporting

Okay, I’m just kidding.  I don’t think that that’s an actual codified crime in the state of Missouri…yet.

James Edwards at The Political Cesspool covers a Council of Conservative Citizens report:

“In the Waldo neighborhood of Kansas City, a serial rapist is on the loose. He’s black, and the police have released a sketch of the suspect based on interviews with the victims. The other day a white man saw a black man in the area who matched the description, so he called the cops. Now “civil rights leaders” are demanding that the police charge the white man with “ethnic intimidation, i.e. a hate crime, for being a good citizen.”

So far, I haven’t heard whether or not this good samaritan has actually been charged with anything…but it wouldn’t surprise me if he has or will be.  I’m constantly told by the supporters of “hate crimes” laws that the thought behind the crime isn’t being punished, just the amount of “cold-bloodedness” that went into its commission.  The example always given is that pre-meditated murder is usually punished more harshly than murder committed in the heat of passion.  But the unjustifiable homicide itself is still a crime, the motivation behind it just influences how harsh the sentence is.  That isn’t the case here.  A citizen calling in a police tip, in good faith, which turns out to be incorrect, is not a crime.  Unless of course it’s a white citizen reporting a black citizen.  So this isn’t a case of motivation influencing the harshness of a sentence, it’s a case of race determining whether or not a crime even occurred.  This is yet another example of the two-tiered legal system that whites face.  The governments that rule you, at all levels from local to federal, would love nothing more than to throw you in jail for life if you even so much as offend the delicate sensibilities of a minority!

U…S…A…U…S…A…U…S…A…What’s that?…You’re not chanting along?…What are you?…Some kind of liberal/commie/terrorist?…Nothing a Sean Hannity “Freedom Concert” (at least I think that’s what they’re called) won’t fix!

So the next time you hear that moron Hannity or some other GOP hack complaining about Democrats being “soft on crime” because they want to spend money on welfare for minorities instead of on funding for law enforcement, just remember this…that money probably would have just gone to fund the department’s new “Hate Crimes Unit” anyway.

Drop out of American Institutions…Build Your Own…Prosper.


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2 Responses to “Missouri Penal Code – Section 27g: Bias-Motivated-Felony-Crime-Reporting”

  1. Porter Says:

    I couldn’t agree more. The Republicans are worse than worthless and the dems simply want whites extinct. Without any political representation and a legal structure that lets me remain a “free” tax paying-serf only as long as I don’t offend any blacks, I no longer view the USA as an entity worth saving. And I for damn sure wouldn’t allow my son to die for this rotting corpse of a nation in some Arabian Hell-hole to the sounds of lunatic ululations.

    We need a place of our own–if only our own would see it.

    By the way, very well done site.

  2. Institutional Failure: The Limits of “Implicit Whiteness.” « Disparate Planet Says:

    […] the mindless support of white Americans for institutions which actively seek to displace them, I wrote:  “U…S…A…U…S…A…U…S…A…What’s that?…You’re not chanting along?…What are […]

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