“Disparate Protection” Strikes Again?

It appears that we may have another case of “disparate protection,” where a law enforcement agency either cracks down on an offender harder, or puts forth less effort trying to protect a victim due to that offender/victim being White.  Just like in Shenandoah, Pennsylvania, where a Hispanic woman attacked whites with clear racial motivation and was not charged with a “hate crime,” yet where White men who attacked a Hispanic man were charged with “hate crimes,” comes this incident from Howard Beach in Queens, New York:

Via AmRen, from the Queens Chronicle:


On Feb. 8, Phyllis, a 45-year-old white Howard Beach resident who has requested her last name be omitted for this article, left her place of employment on Crossbay Boulevard at around 3:15 p.m. to cross the street and purchase a pack of Marlboro’s and a can of soda from C-Town grocery store, located at the corner of Sutter Avenue and Crossbay.


{snip} Having completed her purchases, she prepared to cut across Crossbay and return to work, not expecting to encounter trouble from a group of about 12 teens—which included the boy and girl with whom she had exchanged words in front of C-Town—that had congregated on the corner across the boulevard from Cookie’s.

“As I was walking by, the boy told the girl ‘oh look, here comes that b**** again, she’s gonna f*** with you,’” Phyllis said. “The girl then approached me and said, ‘I know you didn’t cross the street to f*** with me, you white b****.’”

Phyllis said she repeated to the girl that she should be more respectful and the girl, in turn, slapped Phyllis’ hand. Almost immediately, four of the teens jumped on the woman, kicking and beating her. They stole her cell phone and left her on the ground, fleeing when the police showed up.”

If Howard Beach sounds familiar to you…it should.  It was the scene of two past infamous “hate crimes,” both of these involving White offenders and black victims.  The most recent, in 2005, resulted in “hate crimes” charges being filed against at least one white offender, according to the New York Times:

“The police said they had taken Nicholas Minucci, a 19-year-old unemployed man from Howard Beach, into custody, and a senior law enforcement official said he would be charged with assault in the first degree as a hate crime

I haven’t been able to find out whether or not the White offenders in the older incident were charged with “hate crimes,” but I know that the incident has been widely documented.

So…when Whites attack blacks, with supposed racial motivation, there are “hate crimes” charges, in addition to charges for the actual assault.  When blacks attack a White victim, in the same town, clearly explaining their racial motivation, there are…well…as far as I can tell…no “hate crimes” charges yet.  I guess that could change…but I’m not exactly holding my breath.  I guess law enforcement just has more pressing concerns at the moment.  Anybody got one of those “thin blue line” stickers I can have?  Gotta show my support for mandatory diversity’s iron-fisted enforcers.  Just seems to reinforce the Disparate Planet First Law of Interracial Crime:

“Any crime committed by whites against a minority will result in additional charges/prison time.  Any crime committed against whites by minorities will be met with the bare minimum of charges/prison time…if that.”

I really need to start writing these down…

If the whites who read about this incident were smart, they would begin dropping out of American Institutions, forming their own, and learning how to protect themselves.  However, for those few that still manage to even get upset about this injustice, I’m sure most will get just mad enough to TiVo Hannity and maybe, if their blood’s really up, read themselves to sleep with a copy of Going Rogue.   Never fear…the deliverance of McCain/Romney/Palin/Gingrich/GOP hack of your choice ’12 is just around the corner!


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