The College Pogroms Continue!

I’m constantly told that Eastern European pogroms in the old days started something like this:  Drunken Slavic peasant takes a break from beating his wife long enough to hear a story about Jews ritually murdering children or some outlandish tale (the infamous “blood libel”), then gets all fired up and goes out and commits mass murder.

Nooses, pillow cases on statues, swastika graffiti, and now cotton balls are the new blood libel against whites.  Hoaxes committed by minorities to justify their repression against us.  I’m almost not joking.  If you haven’t been following the events at UC – San Diego, Ellison Lodge’s article is a great place to start.

So, after the infamous “Compton Cookout” mocking blacks, which turns out to have been the brainchild of a black comedian…and then the magic noose…which turns out to have been planted by a minority…we now have a…wait for it…a sheet left on the head of a statue of Dr. Suess.  Apparently even the FBI is investigating this “crime of the century!”  Ellison Lodge and James Fulford think that this is another hoax.  Ellison Lodge and James Fulford are probably right.  It appears that even the draconian measures that the college has taken to crack down on whites are not enough.  According to James Edwards, one Hebrew columnist even wants the National Guard called in to crack down on uppity whites.  He’ll probably get his way at this rate.  It’s amazing how a piece of cloth can absolutely shut down the functioning of what could be called black “society” on campus.  Why was anybody surprised at the effect something as big as a hurricane had on Haiti?

Now another “incident.”  A picture of a noose was scribbled on a bathroom door at UC – Santa Cruz!  That’s right…not even an actual noose…just a drawing of one.  The usual “zero tolerance” crackdown has begun.  I’m pretty sure that in the next couple of days UC – Santa Cruz will announce that all whites on campus are now under house arrest.

But it doesn’t stop there.  In the first incident mentioned actually proven not to be a hoax, two white students were arrested for the horrific crime of…dropping cotton balls on the ground in front of the black student center!  It’s being called a “hate crime,” and these two young men are being charged with a felony!  James Fulford calls it “felony littering.”  I’m sure a felony could bring them jail time.  I’m always told by supporters of hate crimes laws that they’re not actually criminalizing the thought behind the crime…they’re just taking it into account as motivation when they sentence the offender…kind of like premeditated murder is punished more harshly than murder committed in the heat of passion.  But the likely sentence for littering has got to be what…a fine…community service?  When the punishment for the “motivation” is more than the punishment for the actual crime itself, then yeah…you ARE criminalizing the thought behind the action.

Again, this is the two-tiered legal system that whites face.  Four whites get beaten, two of them to death, by blacks at Kent State within the last few months.  Law enforcement could care less.   Cotton balls get dropped on the ground and all of a sudden the road blocks and barricades go up, and SWAT team snipers are positioned on the rooftops.  Remember that the next time you put one of those stupid blue-ribbon/”thin blue line” stickers on the back of your car.  I’m sure the police officer arresting you, for looking cross-eyed at a black guy who cut you off in traffic, will take it easy on you as a result.  It doesn’t matter how many times these minor incidents of vandalism are proven to be hoaxes, the crack down on whites will just keep getting worse.  They are a pretext, not a reason.  The next time an empty water bottle is left on a campus park bench, I expect the college administration to strip search all white students, and randomly expel any of them who has a Social Security number ending in “6”…gotta set an example you know…hey, blacks were brought over here on slave ships…across the Atlantic Ocean…which is full of water!!!  That empty bottle was obviously a thinly-veiled threat.  Hate crimes hoaxes are a blood libel against whites, and a pretext for college administrators to launch anti-white pogroms.  The police won’t save you from getting beat to death because they’re too busy running down leads at a local CVS (somebody had to purchase those cotton balls).  You might want to learn how to fend for yourself.


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