Africa Got Served!!!

Apparently blacks can’t even win a “stepping” competition without affirmative action.  The Council of Conservative Citizens brings us the story:

“A white sorority from Arkansas beat a number of black sororities in a dance competition in Atlanta. The competition was sponsored by Sprite of the Coca-Cola company and the winners were to receive $100k worth of scholarships.

Immediately after the competition black columnists screamed “racism.” Black internet users have posted thousands of messages on YouTube and other websites complaining that whites had won the mostly black competition. Many complained that a white team was even allowed to compete, and demanded that future competitions be “black only.”

Well, screaming and complaining about made up slights pays off apparently. To appease the black community Coca-Cola has retroactively named the second place team as a “co 1st place winner.” The black sorority that came in second had their prize scholarships upgraded to equal the amount given to the white sorority from Arkansas.”

From an Associated Press article in The Washington Post:

“Now a white Arkansas team’s win in an Atlanta step competition has started a fiery debate over the African-inspired tradition and whether the integration of a once-ethnically exclusive activity constitutes a form of cultural theft.”

Wouldn’t a form of…culture…need to be stolen in order to constitute “cultural theft.”  Clapping and stomping your feet to a set rhythm is the underlying concept of most “Barney” DVD’s.  I guess you could compare a purple dinosaur to ancient Greek Philosophy.

“”What has happened is black youth culture, what people would call hip hop, sort of made black culture accessible and appealing to all kinds of people,” said Walter Kimbrough, president of historically black Philander Smith College in Little Rock, Ark., and an expert on black Greek life. “It really now has become an American experience.” “

“An expert on black Greek life?!?!”  They have those?  Has the American quest for knowledge reached such a pinnacle of greatness that we now, after having mastered such basic concepts as addition, and such advanced subjects as quantam physics, have enough time on our hands to devote our studies to the social theories behind the intricate workings of black fraternities and sororities.  Shouldn’t we try to become experts on Chemical Engineering or Pharmaceutical Research instead?

“A YouTube video of their performance, inspired by the movie “The Matrix,” generated hundreds of comments….”Good Job but let the Black folks have their own thing for once!!!” wrote one commenter posting under the name “titetowers” who said the Zeta Tau Alpha [the white sorority]team did well but should not have won.”

I couldn’t agree more “titetowers.”  Why don’t you guys leave fields like, oh…Medicine, Science, and the Law to us…and you can have “stepping” all to yourselves.

“On Thursday, sponsor Coca-Cola announced “scoring discrepancies” and said the runner-up – the Alpha Kappa Alpha [black]team from Indiana University, whose members are black – would share first place and receive the same $100,000 in scholarships that the Zeta Tau Alphas won.

It was unclear what the discrepancies were and Coca-Cola would not elaborate. The tournament began in September with a series of regional qualifying rounds around the country.”

Maybe giving out 5 points for having every member of the “team” stomp their right foot at the same time had a “disparate impact” on the black teams.

“Zeta Tau Alpha national spokeswoman Christy Barber said the University of Arkansas chapter started stepping 16 years ago and participants were originally mentored by the school’s Alpha Kappa Alpha chapter.”

“Mentored?!?!”  When I was a young child…like 8 years old…I showed my friend how to skip rocks across the water.  “Mentored” isn’t quite the word I would have used.  It calls to mind Richard Hoste’s observation that “banal, everyday acts that are performed by whites become tinged with romanticism in the media when done by blacks.”

So, Coca-Cola sponsors a competition that should be a “gimmee” for blacks…corporate “reparations by another name” you might call it…black teams lose to a white team, suddenly Coca-Cola noticed a scoring “discrepency,” and now a black team is a co-first place winner, and receives the same award.  Would the white team have had their reward increased if they had come in second place?  Of course not.  But hey, Corporate America is a hard-charging bastion of competition, efficiency, and the profit motive.  If Hannity ’12 would only become a reality…then we could let the magic of the market do its thing…[insert Mitt Romney quote consisting of: a noun, a verb, and “innovation”].

Doesn’t Coca-Cola have some kind of responsibility to its shareholders?  Isn’t the money it spends supposed to create value for them?  Is the $200,000+ spent on the “competition” really the best use of their investment.  In theory, sponsoring stupid events like this is supposed to make people want to go out and buy Coke.  “They pay for themselves.”  I’m pretty sure $200,000 spent on advertising or sales promotions probably would have generated a lot more revenue than this did.  Even paying out this money in dividends would have been more ethical than this.

Remember “The First Rule of Diversity in Corporate America”:  “given a choice between diversity (and accompanying bankruptcy) and efficiency, Corporate America will choose bankruptcy every time.”  Keep this in mind as you’re slaving away at your desk in the basement of some large corporation, taking pride in your work ethic.  Your employer wants to displace you just as badly as the Black Panthers do.  This is why we need to start forming our own economic institutions.  At least that way, the fruits of our labor won’t go to support our disposession.  Alex Kurtagic recommends a sort of “white nationalist certification” marking for all products made by the like-minded, similar to the concept of kosher-approval.  I’m not really sure how effective/plausible that would be…do you really think Wal-Mart will stock those products…but it’s better than nothing.  In my humble opinion, a more reasonable start would be some form of drop-shipping internet retailer.  Whites who make different products, like jewelry or childrens toys, can all sell their products on the same site, and one order can be placed for multiple items for convenience.  Then, the site administrator places individual orders with the makers of each requested product, and those “artisans” ship their respective items directly to the customer.  Hey…it’s a start.  Just remember this, as of right now, every dollar that you send up the corporate ladder comes right back down at you with a vengeance in the form of affirmative action, donations to minority organizations, or…well…”stepping” scholarships for blacks.  This disconnect between our elites and the interests of the rest of us reminds me of a recent Steve Sailer post:

It discusses a recent David Brooks article relating the fall of the old Protestant Establishment, and the rise of our new multicultural overlords (read Jews), to the lack of concern that our elites now show for the commoners.  Quote Sailer:

“The unspoken implication of Brooks’ analyses is that American Jews should start thinking of themselves less as oppressed outcasts who need to go for whatever they can get while the getting is good, and start thinking of themselves more realistically as the core of the New American Establishment. Thus, American Jews should realize that, like the Protestant Establishment of yore, their privileged position as a de facto leadership caste bestows upon them corresponding duties to conserve the long-term well-being of the overall nation rather than to indulge in personal and ethnic profit and power maximization.”

I guess that’s one way of looking at it.  Or it could just be an attempt to attribute the hostility that the Jewish elite feels toward its white-gentile subjects to such benign concerns as short-term performance goals.  Maybe Sailer’s (who has definitely done some great work for our side) strategy for combatting Jewish power is that if he just writes enough praising columns about David Brooks, he can finally nudge him and his co-ethnics into actually slightly caring about our well being.  Hey…it beats the approach of some philo-semite “conservatives” who are aware of Jewish power.  This pet-gentile/house-goy approach seems to consist of trying to convince the organized Jewish community that their interests will be better served by an America not entirely void of White influence.  “A White-led U.S. military would do a better job of crushing Israel’s enemies than one led by quota-hires”…”Look at how much cotton I pick massah…Derbyshire do good!” 

Given a choice between:

a) The Sailer approach:  Hope our Jewish elites will take pity on me and use some of the bailout money they received from my taxes to hire me at minimum wage to delete Nigerian General e-mails from the Inbox, and

b) The Derbyshire approach:  Accept my place in the American caste system as one of Zionism’s international enforcers,

I choose:

c) Divorce myself as much as possible from American institutions, which actively seek to displace me, so that I no longer have an interest in whether or not they collapse.


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