Two-Tiered Legal System: UC – San Diego Noose

A few days ago, a noose was found hanging somewhere on the campus of UC – San Diego.  Police had identified a “suspect”(?) in this “crime”(?), but had refused to release the person’s race.  For the uninitiated, this is almost always a telltale sign that the person responsible for the incident is a minority.  James Edwards, among others, guessed that this noose was put up by a minority…James Edwards, among others, was right.

Via The Political Cesspool:

“[The person who hung the noose] wrote a letter to the school newspaper, which didn’t print her name of course. In it she says she and a friend were just playing around with a piece of rope they found, and the friend made a noose out of it. She thought that was really cool, and all the racial turmoil on campus never crossed her mind. She hung the noose up, and forgot to take it down when she left the library.”

“And if it had turned out to be a white man who confessed, do you think anyone would buy this story? “Wow, what a cool rope trick! Fascinating! I think I’ll just hang it up here because it’s just so neat! And then when I left the library it just somehow slipped my mind! Honest! Gosh, I’m really sorry!”

No, they wouldn’t. He would be in jail, and looking at a year in prison. And everyone knows it.”

He’s right of course.  We’re constantly being told that “hate crimes” laws, such as prohibiting speech or displays like…oh, I don’t know…nooses, are necessary because they “intimidate” minorities, and this “intimidation” is an offense that must be punished.  Making someone uncomfortable…not directly threatening them…is a crime in many jurisdictions of modern America.  But what about when a minority hangs a noose.  Oh, that’s okay…they were just trying to “raise awareness” of racism.  How were they trying to “raise awareness”?…By provoking a feeling of “intimidation” in minority students with the display of a noose.  But their hearts were in the right place, so it’s just fine!  If you go out and kill a child predator in cold blood, to stop him from hurting anyone else, I’m sure the police will let you walk because hey…you meant well.  Displaying a noose to get a reaction from blacks is only a crime if you’re white.  That’s the two-tiered legal system that whites face.  Remember that the next time you’re at some piece of crap Sean Hannity “Freedom Concert” calling the idiot in a Sarah Palin T-shirt next to you a “great American.”  Pretty much all levels of government in the United States hate you, and the sooner you realize that, the easier it will be to attempt to adapt and overcome.  Edwards doesn’t think it was a mistake.  He believes that this was an intentional hoax.  Is he right?  I don’t know, but the good money’s on Yes.  Maybe we should start keeping a record of all confirmed “hate crimes” hoaxes, so we can see what percentage of incidents are fake.  Anybody got a warehouse the size of South Dakota that I can borrow?


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