Unrelated: The Blind Leading the High-IQ’d

Richard Hoste has a series of interesting posts up at his site.  He believes that white liberals tend to be more intelligent than white conservatives, and that the reason for this is that whites with high IQ’s are more easily taken in (“brainwashed”) by ideologies such as multiculturalism, Marxism, and feminism, than are those with average or below average intelligence.  I think he’s probably right about white liberals having higher IQ’s than white conservatives.  And he does have a pretty good line of reasoning for why this may be.  But if I could add my own two cents, there’s probably another factor that would explain some of this additionally.  That factor is the increased stratification and segregation of our society based on IQ over the last several decades.  Murray and Hernstein famously described the “rise of the cognitive elite” in their amazing book The Bell Curve.  Long story short, their anecdote is something along the lines of:  where once the factory manager lived on the same street, but in a bigger house, than the manufacturing worker that he supervised, they now live in entirely separate neighborhoods, with the manager living in a gated community, and the manufacturing worker living in a working class semi-slum.  Basically, high-IQ people now, unlike in the past, live and socialize predominantly with each other only, likewise for those with average IQ’s, and likewise for those with lower IQ’s.  One of the main reasons that I have never bought into any of the three mentioned ideologies is that I believe my own lying eyes.  I went to a high school with a significant black population.  I’ve been around blacks frequently at work and in life.  There are so many reasons why I will never ascribe to any form of egalitarian thought, the memory of two black girls (taking advantage of the free breakfast program) getting into a fist fight over the last carton of chocolate milk in our high school cafeteria one morning just being among the most prominent.  Just seeing the appearance of group differences with your own eyes leads most to the conclusion that they are real.  As a micro-trend, this wouldn’t explain much.  The factory manager, who used to live next to his lower-IQ neighbors, won’t forget their behaviors when he moves down the road to the gated community.  But as a macro-trend…well…his daughter never lived in the old house…she doesn’t have those memories.  Since IQ is largely heritable, the white high-IQ factory manager’s daughter is likely to be the next generation’s white high-IQ equivalent.  But she didn’t have the same experiences as her father.  To understand the liberalism of today’s average high-IQ white woman in her mid-20’s to mid-30’s, you have to understand where she’s come from.  She grew up in a nice upper-middle-class neighborhood, surrounded by other high-IQ whites and their families.  She doesn’t understand racial differences in criminality because there was no crime or minorities in her neighborhood.  The students at her school were mostly the children of her high-IQ neighbors and had at least above average IQ’s.  She didn’t get much exposure to the few who didn’t fit that profile, as they weren’t in her Advanced Placement classes.  Everyone she grew up with could learn algebra, so if black children in Detroit are failing to learn basic addition…well that’s just a failure on the part of society (read: Whites). With regards to feminism, she doesn’t understand the destruction that fatherlessness has unleashed on the American family.  All of the divorced women she was exposed to (picture The Real Housewives of Wherever) had lives that were just fine.  Of course this is because they could use their Bachelor’s degree in Psychology to get some high five-figure salaried make-work job with the county as a “personal enrichment consultant,” their ex-husbands could afford large alimony checks, and they could pay a nanny to keep an eye on their “exhausting” children.  She never lived next door to a struggling single-mother in a working class neighborhood whose children developed social pathologies.  Men just aren’t really that necessary to family life and successful childhood development in her eyes.  It’s a similar story with economics.  The fundamental concept of Marxism is that everyone can receive resources greater than they value of which they have created.  From the day she is born until she graduates from college with a B.A. in “Creative Expression,” after 6 years of study, at the age of 24, everything has been given to her.  Her every needs were provided for as a child.  As a teenager, every luxury item she desired, from designer clothes to a brand new sports car, was provided by her parents.  They paid for her college.  They paid for an apartment so she wouldn’t have to live in the dorm.  They gave her spending money so that a part-time job wouldn’t interfere with her studies.  The link between effort (and the value that it creates) and wealth, simply does not exist in her mind.  Neoconservatives have famously been referred to as “liberals who were mugged by reality.”  While I think that’s being too charitable to the wildly idealistic (and plainly horrible) neocons, there is a kernel of truth here.  A significant portion of high-IQ twenty-something and thirty-something whites are liberal because IQ-based social stratification and the heritability of intelligence have allowed them to escape the realities of human nature and differences for a significant portion of their lives, most importantly, during their formative years.


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