Utah Steps up to the Plate!

Via Amren:

Utah House Panel Ok’s Constitutional Amendment to End Affirmative Action

Apparently a proposed constitutional amendment banning affirmative action just passed a Utah House subcommittee, and is now headed for a vote in the full House, where it must be approved by a 2/3rd’s vote.  The state Senate must also approve it by a 2/3rd’s vote.  If this happens, then it still must go before voters, who have to approve it, I’m assuming by a simple majority.

The article states that 50 house members need to vote in favor, and there are 53 Republicans.  Maybe a couple of decades ago that would have made me feel comfortable about passage, but with today’s GOP…well, I don’t expect much. 

On the Senate side, “where Republicans have 21 of 29 seats,”…”Senate President Michael Waddoups, R-Taylorsville, predicted HJR24 would clear the Senate with relative ease.”  At least he sounds confident.  Let’s just hope that he’s also accurate at making predictions. 

Here’s a quote from Waddoups:

” “The biggest problem is the quota system at the universities,” Waddoups said. “We’re not getting necessarily the most qualified students there because of it.” ” 

It would have been nice for him to mention that the injustice faced by whites is also a legitimate problem.  But even without that, I’m heartened that he at least admits that AA causes “less qualified” students to get in, rather than arguing against AA on the basis that it “stigmatizes deserving blacks.”

Overall, this is definitely a step in the right direction.  If we can just get those 50 votes in the House…a big “if”…then I like our odds for final passage.  Then we’ll see how implementation and court challenges work themselves out… Keep your fingers crossed!


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