Reparations by Another Name: Black Farmers’ Lawsuit

Via AmRen:

Black Farmers Win $1.25 Billion in Discrimination Suit

Actually, a more appropriate headline would be “U.S. Government agrees to give black farmers $1.25 billion for no reason under the guise of a lawsuit ‘settlement’.”

The headline, as it exists now, makes it sound like these black farmers successfully proved to the satisfaction of a court that they were discriminated against.  In reality, the U.S. Government (which I’m supposed to feel some sort of bond with according to Sean Hannity and Fox News) just agreed to hand over this large sum after they got sued.  These “settlements” of discriminations lawsuits are just reparations under another name.  Congress and Obama know that there is no way that the American public would stand for reparations being voted on and appropriated in the open, yet that is one of their fondest desires.  So they found a way around that.  Just encourage blacks to sue for discrimination, agree to “settle” by paying them some ridiculously large amount no matter how weak their case is, and then have Congress approve money for paying off a legitimate sounding budget item like a “legal settlement.” 

From the article:

“The original Pigford case, named after North Carolina farmer Timothy Pigford, ended in 1999 after the government agreed to compensate black farmers left out of USDA loan and assistance programs due to racism.

Farmers able to provide proof of their claims of discrimination were awarded $50,000, but tens of thousands of claims were denied for missing the filing deadline.”

“but tens of thousands of claims were denied for missing the filing deadline.”  Another way of wording this would be “but tens of thousands of black farmers failed to file before the deadline.”  Tens of thousands?!?!  How many black farmers are there?!?! 

“The settlement of the case, known as Pigford II,”…”would allow these farmers to again make their claims.”  So $50,000 in free cash was being handed out for nothing…all you had to do was fill out some paperwork…and these black farmers were too lazy to fill out a couple of forms…when they had a whole DECADE to do it?!?!  Maybe Richard Hoste’s tongue-in-cheek quip will turn out to be true, and we’ll actually have to start “paying state workers to put dollar bills under the pillows of blacks while they’re sleeping.”


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