Carnell Smith Steps up to the Plate!

Browsing an old Roissy post that I remembered reading a while back that deals with cuckoldry and paternity fraud:

Meet the Real Biggest Losers

Summarizing this post just won’t do it justice…you really need to read it in its entirety for yourself.  But amid all of the sad sacks duped into raising another man’s child, at least one of which who continued to do so even after the truth came out, one man ripped off his shirt, strapped a belt of 7.62mm ammo over each shoulder, tied an American flag bandana on his head, put a K-bar knife in between his teeth, and ran out into the sunset throwing two blazing guns full of hollow-point ammunition at the cyclic rate at every whore that’s ever lied about paternity to a man and, with the help of our paramilitary “child support”-industrial complex, forced him into involuntary servitude.  That man…correction…that icon of truth, justice, and the American way…is Carnell Smith.  Quote Roissy:

“Carnell Smith is a goddamned American hero. Step up to the Chateau gates, Carnell, you have more than earned your place at the table among the ”King of the Alphas” greats.”

Here’s the short and sweet of the story:

“A few months after Smith split up with his girlfriend in 1988, she announced she was pregnant with his child. Believing her, he signed a paternity acknowledgment for their daughter, Chandria…He obtained joint custody, paid her support and spent virtually every weekend with his little girl. When Chandria was 11, her mother sued to increase support. Smith decided to be tested, and the results excluded him as the father.”

When he found out that he wasn’t the father, he filed a lawsuit against the mother, demanding that she “pay back the $40,000 he had laid out in what he calls “involuntary servitude” and fraud. The court ruled against Smith, concluding that he had known that his former girlfriend had other partners at the end of their relationship and should have realized he might not be the father. By not exercising his “due diligence” and getting a DNA test early on, the court put the burden on Smith for not unearthing the truth sooner.”

So…even though the court was aware that Carnell Smith was not the child’s biological father, it ruled that he still had to keep paying child support anyway!?!? 

A lesser man may have hung his head in defeat and kept on with the modern day equivalent of picking cotton in the fields for the “massah”…but not Carnell Smith.  He got “Georgia lawmakers to rescind nonbiological fathers’ financial obligations, no matter the child’s age or how close the relationship. Smith then became the first man to disestablish paternity under that law.” 

Well done, he fought it until the end…until he won.  But Carnell Smith didn’t stop there…no sir…”In 2001, after Smith’s own paternity struggle, he formed U.S. Citizens Against Paternity Fraud, to help the men he calls “duped dads.” ”

The average man would have called it quits after his own needs were taken care of…but Carnell Smith kept going…determined to strike a blow for oppressed men everywhere.  Congratulations Carnell Smith…your organization, U.S. Citizens Against Paternity Fraud, just got added to my links section.

From the website of U.S. Citizens Against Paternity Fraud:

Apparently this problem is more widespread than I had imagined.  The website reports that:

“Another group of males are being falsely identified by DNA testing when the mother has intimate relations with related males that is not detected by insufficient testing at some DNA laboratories.

In some cases, the lab admits insufficient testing to determine which male is the biological father, but the family court judge refuses to allow the alleged father to get an independent legal paternity test with all parties at his own expense.

We have reports of males with altered Paternity reports that were changed to pick him as the biological dad. Subsequent testing, if done will reveal one of two possibilities — either the alleged father has been framed as claimed with a false test or he is the biological father.

Many family court judges will not allow him to get a DNA test with an impartial laboratory that is not connected with the state agency.”

Need any more proof of the two-tiered legal system facing men.  Frank Sinatra’s now infamous mugshot was the result of his being arrested for luring a woman to bed “under the promise of marriage.”  Granted, this was 1938, but still, The Chairman of the Board promises a woman he’ll marry her in order to sleep with her, then doesn’t, and gets arrested…woman lies to man about being the father of her child, gets caught, and then…he is ordered by a court to keep paying child support!?!?

There is no way in hell if the roles were reversed (as much as is possible) that a court would have ruled the same way.  Let’s say that a woman began dating a man who had a child, and started paying some of their bills to help out, and then broke up with the man.  Would any court in this country order her to keep paying the man’s bills?  Not in a million years.

My Two-Step Plan for men when a woman tells them she’s pregnant:

1) Don’t sign shit!

2) Get a paternity test ASAB (As Soon As Birth)!

Get Some, Carnell Smith!…Get Some!


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