Who would’ve thought?

Via AmRen:
Apparently a study was conducted examining the outcome of discrimination lawsuits and the demographic profile of the presiding judge. Unsurprisingly, when the trial was handled by a minority judge (with the exception of Hispanics), the plaintiff was less likely to lose than when the trial was handled by a white judge.

Likewise, “a second study, looked at 556 federal appellate cases involving allegations of sexual harassment or sex discrimination in violation of Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. The finding: plaintiffs were at least twice as likely to win if a female judge was on the appellate panel.”

Does this actually come as a surprise to anyone? If an all-white jury is grounds for an appeal for a convicted minority, then, with results like this, shouldn’t a minority or female judge be grounds for an appeal for a white male defendant being sued for racial or gender discrimination.

Link to article:

Link to original study on racial discrimination cases:

Link to original study on gender discrimination cases:


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    […] that it mirrors national results.  In contrast, when such suits are brought into court, depending on the race of the judge, a ratio of only about between 1 to 1  and 4 to 1 cases ended in favor of the employer.  So […]

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