The Recession’s Disparate Impact/Fighting Back: File an EEOC Charge

This recession/depression has taken a particularly brutal toll on men and whites, and in particular, white men.  It’s been estimated that 4 out of 5, or 80%, of job losses have come at the expense of men.  Part of this is that male-dominated industries (predominantly in the private sector) have been devastated and do not have the government protection that female-dominated industries (predominantly in or supported by the public sector) have.  If you are white and/or a male, and you have lost your job recently, while less-deserving “minorities” or women have kept theirs, at your place of work, I would encourage you to file an EEOC complaint against your employer.  Here’s information on how to do so:

The disparity in job-losses can not be explained entirely by differential recession-impact on differing areas of employment.  Much of it is deliberate.  Either the result of fear of lawsuits for firing minorities and/or the discriminatory decisions made by the female and/or minority-dominated “human resources” profession, which now holds so much power over hiring/firing decisions.

File a complaint…what do you have to lose?…pride?…you think being on unemployment won’t take that away from you anyway?  Perhaps the main complaint is that men don’t want to feel like “whiners” by saying they were discriminated against, but just remember, minorities and women do this all the time.  Not doing the same thing in return doesn’t make you better than them when the result is losing your livelihood.  Somebody who willingly agrees to bring only a knife to a gunfight isn’t brave…they’re stupid.  Even if you can’t prove that you were chosen to be laid-off because you are white and/or male…who cares…file anyway.  Clog the system with so many complaints that it overloads!  Even if your claim is found to be unsupported, the 5 seconds that it takes under-qualified and over-paid EEOC government employee Shaniqua to sigh in disgust, crumble it up, and throw it away, is 5 seconds that she now won’t have available to harass an honest white employer facing a bogus discrimination lawsuit.  File! Baby! File!


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