Required Reading: The Best of Sailer

A couple of months ago, when Ricci and Sonia Sotomayor were all over the news, Steve Sailer wrote a ton of articles about the case/nomination, and about AA and “disparate impact” in general.  If you are new to the topic, or if you want to learn more, his writings are a great place to start.  Sailer has a sharp mind and a sharper wit, and manages to demolish the arguments of quota-supporters.  Here are some of his articles that you should check out:


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4 Responses to “Required Reading: The Best of Sailer”

  1. Ricci Redux? « Disparate Planet Says:

    […] By disparateplanet Steve Sailer (no surprise there) writing at (again, not surprising) is all over another entrance exam for firefighters […]

  2. Africa Got Served!!! « Disparate Planet Says:

    […] subjects to such benign concerns as short-term performance goals.  Maybe Sailer’s (who has definitely done some great work for our side) strategy for combatting Jewish power is that if he just writes enough praising columns about David […]

  3. Carly Fiorina: Quota-Queen « Disparate Planet Says:

    […] there’s always the Sailer approach (he’s actually unbelievably outstanding on just about everything else):  “Hope that if we just write enough praising columns about David Brooks, we can finally […]

  4. Sailer vs. Preferential Loans to Minorities « Disparate Planet Says:

    […] vs. Preferential Loans to Minorities By disparateplanet Steve Sailer takes on preferences for minorities, this time preferential small business loans for South Asians, […]

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